Author Marketing at 30,000 Feet

Right now we’re working hard on our latest ebook, Author Marketing at 30,000 Feet. It’s all about supporting independent authors in their quest to increase online book sales. It’s almost ready, but in the meantime we thought you’d appreciate a sneak preview.

Marketing for authors – Come fly with me

While you might not instinctively connect digital marketing with flying a light aircraft, it’s actually a nice metaphor. From high up in your little Cessna or whatever, you see a beautifully structured and organized landscape. Once you’re back on the ground you see in fine detail just how much hard work and dedication it took to make it that way.

To market books successfully, you need both views: the up close and intimate and the big picture. Just like flying a ‘plane, what appears seamless and simple from a distance is always more complex and structured when you get closer. Our guide teaches you how to navigate both author marketing landscapes, the big and the small, with confidence.

Too many online marketers promise the earth. Today’s digital marketing landscape means genuine, long-lasting quick wins are rare. We prefer to keep it real – we know marketing for writers isn’t rocket science, just hard work. We’ve worked hard to create a guide that’ll give you the information you need to market your books in a manageable, intelligent, structured and well-informed way. Author Marketing at 30,000 Feet delivers broad and close-up views of online marketing for self-published and independent authors. It’s a cutting edge travel companion on the road to successfully promoting self-published books.

We also know talk is cheap. The best way to give a flavor of the book is to let you experience a few choice snippets. Here’s the first. Come back next week for more.

The right author marketing head-space

We’re not naïve – we know writing isn’t just a creative process. It’s also hard work. It takes dedication, determination, patience, thought, organizational skills, a high level of practicality and attention to detail. You might think you’d find it a challenge to treat your work as a business, but you’re more than halfway there already. If you weren’t made of the right stuff, you wouldn’t be an author.

That’s the head space you need to be in. By thinking like an ‘authorpreneur’ you’ll use key existing skills to drive more book sales. And you’ll also learn plenty of new skills. If you’re worried about the writing/marketing balance, when you get your author marketing plan right it won’t kill your writing schedule. When you do things our way, your author marketing activities slot neatly into your writing life. The book reveals how to achieve the right balance and optimize the chances of selling more books.

The latest cutting edge self-publishing insights

The internet’s always changing. It’s our job to stay ahead of the latest developments in the online publishing and book marketing scene and give you the best advice based on current best practice. We’ll be updating Author Marketing at 30,000 Feet every time new media, marketing opportunities, ideas, successes, practices and procedures come on board, so it’ll always be bang up to date.

If that sounds good, it is. We’ll reveal a few more snippets next week. In the meantime, happy author marketing.

Mike is CEO of PML Media Limited, a virtual agency staffed by 14 independent marketing professionals, copywriters and technical geniuses. PML helps authors build and manage their Author Platforms, social media channels, build email lists and create ongoing strategies to help boost their brand, get noticed and sell more books.

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