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Google Analytics Review

Eliminate Spam and get Your Google Analytics set up correctly for Clean and Accurate Data

Google Analytics is without a doubt one of the most important analytical tools you can use to gain insights into your website. By having reliable data to hand, you can make all important decisions about your marketing options to gain more sales and drive quality traffic to your website.

However, if the data you’re analysing is being plagued with unwanted traffic and spam how can you trust the information to make those business decisions.

Setting up your Google Analytics account and adding the tracking code to your website is only the start. You must ensure the data you are collecting is a true representation of the numbers you are getting through and that it is clean and uncorrupted. If you don’t you will be wasting your precious time and effort analysing worthless data which doesn’t represent true picture of your website’s performance.

Data corruption in Google Analytics can be due to many reasons:

  • Misconfiguration of your Google Analytics account
  • Ghost traffic
  • Having the wrong Tracking Code Setup
  • Not excluding Internal traffic
  • Good and bad search bots
  • And so much more

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To prevent your Google Analytics account recording false traffic we can review it and implement the necessary fixes to give you clean uncorrupted data to make accurate decisions for your marketing.

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