An SEO Guide to Updating your Website

Introduction The task of updating your website with new content is a pretty straight forward process. However the process itself needs to take into consideration the parameters that Google sets out in order for your website to be indexed and seen by the people searching for your content. There are probably many other sites competing for the same space on that front page of Google as you are, so get your Search Engine Optimisation [SEO] right and you could be dominating that front page and generating many more visitors. This guide has been written for the newcomer to SEO, [...]

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A Google Analytics Guide to Getting Rid of Spam

Introduction To Spam in Google Analytics There is one thing that the communication, information and data ages all having in common — spam. Spam permeates emails, text messages, comment fields on websites and more; however, when it infiltrates an area that is designed for accuracy and specificity, it can wreak havoc. This especially true for small to mid-sized volume sites where the spam can significantly offer the numbers in metrics produced by different programs. Google analytics is a powerful tool that allows site owners to monitor the performance of their site in a way that they can identify [...]

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How to Use Landing Pages to Generate Quality Leads

Using landing pages to generate leads Digital marketing, whether SEO or through Paid Search, relies on landing pages to take your potential customers through the sales funnel, unlike the regular information pages on your website, they are designed to drive action. They have a specific goal: to convert visitors who land there into leads, or to promote direct sales, in exchange for visitor contact information. As such, landing pages represent a classical direct marketing challenge. What do landing pages cover? Businesses use landing pages to generate leads in various ways. The key is to provide real value by [...]

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How To Run An SEO Audit and Competitor Analysis

This summarises the key aspects of conducting an SEO Audit and Competitor Analysis for existing websites. It must be noted that this processes differs from that which would be recommended before a new site is implemented. SEO Process Overview The key stages of the SEO process for existing website are summarised as: Target audience identification Audience intent definition Keyword research Site technical audit Site content audit Competitor analysis and comparison Technical optimisation Content strategy Promotion and link acquisition On-going evaluation and reporting Audience Identification Who is the site intended to reach Where are they located Devices used Search engines used [...]

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Using Google My Business to Bring You More Customers

Google search continues to change, as efforts expand to gather information about people throughout the world and organise the information into a system that is easily used to achieve certain goals. Part of that effort has led to Google connecting Google Plus accounts to Google My Business (Google Local). In this article you’ll find tips on using Google Local  and Google Maps to improve your reach in your target demographic. So what is Google My Business? Google My Business is part of Google Services where users can view a Business Plus page linked to a specific business, get [...]

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