Google search continues to change, as efforts expand to gather information about people throughout the world and organise the information into a system that is easily used to achieve certain goals.

Part of that effort has led to Google connecting Google Plus accounts to Google My Business (Google Local). In this article you’ll find tips on using Google Local  and Google Maps to improve your reach in your target demographic.

So what is Google My Business?

Google My Business is part of Google Services where users can view a Business Plus page linked to a specific business, get recommendations and even publish photos and reviews of their own.

Where Is This Located?

Your Google business page listing shows up in the search engine results page, or SERPs. Searches that focus on local businesses will bring this listing up first, such as when you search for a specific business in or near a location, such as ‘Cafes near me’

Google Local Example on Mobile

If you search on Google Maps, it will bring up the Google Local listing when the search includes relevant information for that specific business. Google Maps lists all key information, like business address, hours and phone number.

Google My Business is the ideal location for all your business information ready for users to find. Make sure you input all information consistently and pay special attention to the name, address and phone number. These are the backbone of your business as it relates to the customer. They need to be consistent.

The Google Business dashboard is as important for representing your business as your business website itself, so be sure the dashboard is SEO optimised, you can come back and edit descriptions, listings, website links, contact information, videos, pictures and offers.

Make sure your Google listing includes the Google map which is embedded on your Google Business page.

To embed the map

  1. Search for the business address.
  2. Click the three lines next to the business name in the search bar and then click share or embed map.
  3. From there, copy the code and paste it into the business contact page.

IMPORTANT: To further improve your ranking when compared to your competitors, you can do searches to determine where they are listing and your business is not listed.

For any directory that lists businesses like yours and has your competition but not you, immediately contact the administrators and request your listing be added to the directory.

Also, you can reach out to any of a number of companies that specialise in improving the rank of businesses in an Internet search – such as me, get in touch. These business most likely have connections to various business directories and other areas of the Internet where the listing of your business will make a difference. Working with these companies will require a fee. However, it can be considered a worthwhile investment of the marketing budget if you are committed to changing your business reach.

For a business attempting to take advantage of today’s current Internet-focused lifestyle, hiring specialised companies or individuals such as myself to handle your ranking improvement can be the wisest move.

Today’s society is focused on using the Internet to find any new service or product they hope to obtain. For businesses that are holding onto the older methods of marketing or are resistant to Internet presence, business will suffer significantly. Now is the time to embrace this and get your company listed. Working with a company that is up to speed on all current methods of rank improvement can give your business the advantage that it needs to bring in new business and build a loyal following and customer base.

Google Local and its extended connection to Google Place and Google Maps is the basic footprint your business needs to start gaining attention from new customers. Other approaches will support that footprint.

If you want help getting your business listed please do get in touch and let’s see how we can work together.  Contact me through the page here.


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