Who is Get Living London?

Get Living London is the residential owner and rental management company that lets out homes directly to residents with the aim of making renting more straightforward. The first project was created from what was The Olympic Village. This amazing development and key London landmark is now fully populated with residents.

Aims of the Project

Get Living London came to me following a recommendation by their marketing agency. The aim of the project was to bring down the company’s cost per conversion through paid search on Google AdWords and Bing Ads.  A three-month proof of concept trial was agreed and planned outlining how much money could be saved. The project lasted a little over 4 years untill the residential units were fully occupied.

Get Living London Case Study Main Image

Project Phases

a carefully thought-out plan to bring down paid advertising costs

The Results

Cost Per Click Reduced
Click vs Conversions

From taking on the project in May (See chart above), the results quickly began to show incresed benefits to the company, saving the business hundreds of pounds on Cost Per Conversions. Here’s what we’ve achieved.

  • Reduced cost per conversion from £251 to £79 in three months
  • Increased conversion rate by 200%
  • Reduced monthly spend with Google from £8,000 a month to £3,000 a month in four months

*** We have now worked in the residential sector for 8 years, successfully delivering positive results for clients through Paid and Organic search ***

Can we do this for you? You bet we can. Call us on 0845 544 3291‬ or fill in the contact form.


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